Commissioners for Germany of the International Clan MacFarlane Society , Inc.

Mein Name ist Jack Knox und ich bin gebürtiger Schotte, aus Yarrow Valley, County of Selkirk, in der Nähe vom St Mary’s Loch in den Scottish Borders und nun wohnhaft in Deutschland seit 1982.

Mein Familienname KNOX ist ein Sept von MacFarlane und das berechtigt meine Zugehörigkeit zur ICMS. Ich halte die Position des offiziellen Vertreters (Commissioner) für den ICMS in Deutschland.

Dies ist mein Hobby und meine Frau und ich fahren zu  Highland Games in ganz Deutschland, um den Bekanntheitsgrad unserer Society zu steigern. Auch stehen wir als Ansprechpartner für Interessierte an unserem Clan zur Verfügung.

Ein Sept ist eine einem Clan zugeschriebene Familie. Die aufgeführte Liste ist eine partielle Liste von Familiennamen, welche mit dem Clan MacFarlane in Verbindung gebracht werden. (Für Septliste hier klicken)






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I was born on Sunday 05 June 1955 in the Yarrow Valley, County of Selkirk near St Mary’s Loch in the Scottish Borders.

My father is James Knox, son of George Walker Knox and Agnes Henderson (Fairbairn) Knox.

My mother is Christian Agnes (Hume) Knox, daughter of George Lothian Hume and Mary Davidson (Weir) Hume.

I attended Megget primary school and Selkirk High School and at the age of 15 years I joined the British Army as a boy soldier. I was stationed at Park Hall Camp in Oswestry Shropshire with the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion.

After my service as a boy soldier I joined the 1st Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers during which time I served in Scotland, Berlin Germany and Northern Ireland.

On leaving the forces I worked on various farms in Scotland before moving to Berlin in 1982.

When I came to Berlin I worked with the Allied Forces (British) until 1994. When the allies left Berlin I became self employed in the Horticulture branch for about six years.  Since then I worked at The Golf Academy Wilkendorf and at present for Golf Welt Mahlow.

I married my first wife in Edinburgh in 1975 and have two children with her. My son David Jay and my daughter Joanna Claire. She has a daughter called  Hannah Christin Da-Hye and a son Colin James Young Kwang.

Mr & Mrs KnoxI was divorced in Berlin in 1994 and got married to my present wife Sylvia in Melrose, Scotland on 15th November 2010.

My main hobbies are Family and Scottish History & Culture.

My surname KNOX is a Sept of MacFarlane and that entitles me to be a member of the ICMS.


My wife and I are the official representatives (Commissioners) of the International Clan MacFarlane Society
in Germany.

I do this as a hobby and my wife and I visit Highland Games through out Germany to research and recruit new members for the Society and to be present as a local contact for our Clan.